SXSW 2013 Talk

We’ve all digitally stalked hiring managers before: followed them on Twitter, sent a Facebook friend request, liked their Instagram photos, Highlighted them, sent an InMail. But, does it actually work, and how do hiring managers perceive this? There is also that awkward moment when you have a digital-turned-#IRL run-in with a hiring manager you’ve been creeping on. Should you introduce yourself as your alter ego, tinyrobots512, or pretend you don’t know them, or should you spew out all of their recent tweets to prove your interest? What is appropriate, and do they even care about tinyrobots512? Justin Gignac, Co-founder of, and I discussed how to build an irresistible digital persona – one that transcends digital relationships into jobs and new hires #IRL.

If you prefer GIFs and sound: Using Your Online Network to Get a Job #IRL

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