Hello, goodbye.

Hello, goodbye.

Hellos are full of innocent, child-like anticipation and happiness. Anticipation of exciting times; and happiness in form of giggles, big smiles and embraces.

Goodbyes are pregnant with hope and faith. Hope to see one another again, and faith that no matter what happens, we will.

It is these two gravities – the pull and push – that build perpetual motion between us.

These gravities force us to see and experience corners of our heart we never knew existed. Sometimes it even creates new areas of our heart. And, though it may prove discomforting at times, we begin to learn the strong abilities and capacity of our hearts.

By understanding our own hearts and keeping them in perpetual motion, we discover a wonderful, yet ironic thing: a thing called romance.

Romance is: always desiring another hello, while never wanting to say goodbye, but needing a proper goodbye when the time comes.

Hello, goodbye.